Performance Analysis of Compact Wideband Antenna for Radiolocation Applications

NelapatiAnanda Rao, Siddaiah P

Compact wideband antennas are been designed and investigated for the radiolocation applications at the X-band frequency of 10GHz. Two different antennas are been designed with two different techniques of Reactive Impedance Surface (RIS) and High Impedance Surface (HIS). Both the antennas are having a 4×4 array of mushroom heads which are of 2mm×2mm size and are separated by a spacing of 1.2mm. Both the antennas are having a dimension of 14mm×14mm. The bandwidth of the antenna with HIS is 1.35GHz with a gain of 4.9dB at the center frequency and the bandwidth of the antenna with RIS is 2.21GHz with a gain of 5.6dB at the center frequency. Performance comparison has been performed between the two antennas in terms of various antenna parameters. Both the antennas are been designed on a low cost easily available FR4 glass epoxy substrate. Coaxial feed has been used to excite the antenna elements. Proto type model of the antennas were made and a good judgement is observed in between the measured and simulation results

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 332-343