Advanced Analysis for GUI Software Exceptions by an Integration Testing Tool

Rajalakshmi M , Mohan Doss S , Viji Vinod , S.Magesh, V.R.Niveditha

Demand for complex systems grew more rapidly. Throughout the historical times, the size of complication of computer structures has evolved in an accurately inspiring manner Interface testing in very significant and complication of challenging Interface is increased as it provides additional software related cultured technique. To increase the rate of detection of faults, testing must be carried out in an effective and productive way. Software system's performance rate depends on the following: requirements elicitation methodology, simulation, analysis, and minimal expense, reduced execution time, and bug-finding. Defining test case strategy manual test case creation requires considerable time of effort. Computerized test case development tool reduces the period and expense of the analysis. Automated test case creation tool reduces the time and expense of testing. The main goal is to undertake a test case using orthogonal array (Taguchi) and all pair-Pairwise algorithms enable us to make all pair combinations perfect. The proposed methods ensure the consistency of test case production from the methodological point of view, and recognize potential modes of failure. This proposed integration testing method favors reduction of time for test proposal and test execution, early development time, time and cost savings. This integration testing method is a stand-alone, light weight device. Monitoring of the design of tests, preparation of test beds, and execution of tests and inspection of defects. This method is likely to create test cases without server and services anywhere on any network..

Volume 12 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 880-888

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP6/SP20201106