Can Mindfulness Influence the Efficacy of Job Performance: An Empirical Study with Special Reference to Selected Private Hospitals in Mysore

Vidya D Avadhani and Dr.S. Ranjith Kumar

Mindfulness refers to ‘being aware’ or conscious about self and environment around us. Mindfulness is a bhuddisism philosophy which is 2500 old concept but still has more scope in the field of research. Purpose: The objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship and influence of Mindfulness on efficacy of job performance of employees of private hospital sector. Methodology: Study has been taken place in 6 private hospitals in the main parts of the city. Questionnaire was given to three different work assignees in the hospital sector (N=50). Finding of the study: 1) It was clearly shown that there exists a statistically significant relation between Mindfulness and efficacy in job performance of employees of hospital sector (p=0.000).2) Mindfulness has impact on experience (p=0.000). 3) Mindfulness is not having any impact on employee’s gender and cadre. Job performance can enhance if they are mindful in their work which can happen through work experience and constant effort.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 732-737