Insights of in Silico Screening of Phytoconstituents Identified from Methanol Leaf Extract of Orthosiphonaristatus by GC-MS Analysis for its Cancer Activity

Mahendran Radha and Jeyabaskar Suganya

Cancer is the second leading cause of death which was characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. As a cell progress from normal cell to cancerous cells, changes the fundamental biological function and physiological activity of the normal cells. The actual cause for the sudden change in the normal cells was still under clinical research. The currently prescribed cancer drugs are synthetic one which often ends up with toxic and harmful side effects when they are prescribed for longer times. The present world transfer their attention towards the plant and plant derived constitutes which sever as the major source in designing of new drugs and also has the capacity in preventing and treating various diseases. Orthosiphonaristatusis one of the traditionally used medicinal plants belonging to Lamiaceae family, exhibiting a wide range of pharmacological properties. The current work was designed to identify the major phytoconstituents present in Orthosiphonaristatus by GC-MS analysis and retrieved phytoconstituents binding activity were validated against the cancer receptors through computational techniques. Totally seven phenolic compounds were identified from the methanol leaf extract of Orthosiphonaristatus and molecular docking studies were performed for all seven phytoconstituents against seven different cancer targets. The results of the present work led us to conclude that the methanol leaf extract of Orthosiphonaristatus contains better anti-cancer lead compoundand further experimental work to be carried out for designing of potential cancer inhibitor from Orthosiphonaristatus.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 708-720