Efficient Data Aggregation Protocol for WSN to Maintain Quality of Service

*Youssef Emhemmad Mohammad Youssef, Dr. Klinsega,Wilson Jeberson

In wireless sensor network providing timely and reliable information is the main task. In security and surveillance monitoring applications data sensing and retrieval in WSN is an important factor. Different parameters like energy efficiency, network lifetime, data latency and data quality are described and these parameters are commonly considered to be QoS parameters for data aggregation. From the above mention parameters the parameters, data aggregation time, elimination of unwanted data packet and data latency is taken in this paper. In this paper an Efficient Data Aggregation Protocol (EDAP) is proposed for the efficient data aggregation process. Three different algorithms are included in EDAP for maintain the QoS of data aggregation. To reduce the minimum data aggregation time optimal link scheduling algorithm is used and it is used to reduce the aggregation time of variable length of time slots for all links for the data transmission. The zone based tree approach is used for the remove the unnecessary packets being forwarded to the receiver and this is also used to avoid long alternative path used by the cluster head to other local nodes. The Cluster-based data aggregation algorithm is used to maintain proper data transmission and latency. The simulation of the proposed EFB is carried out in NS2 tool. Thus the quality of the data aggregation is cared and evaluated.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1557-1575