Design of Gamikar (Game Mitigasi Kebakaran) for High-Grade Elementary Student

Nelly Wedyawati, Antonius Edy Setyawan, Daniel Dike, Yasinta Lisa and Dwi Cahyadi Wibowo

This study aims to enhance the awareness of preventing wildfire disasters for high-grade elementary students through game-based learning, namely Game Mitigasi Kebakaran (Gamikar)". A board game of“Gamikar” was designed with three stages, consist of preliminary, development, and evaluation. Gamikar was validated by the learning media experts and the fire mitigation specialists before applying in schools. A mix-method study was approached to fulfil of the research procedure. A qualitative study started to explore ideas to develop “Gamikar” from relevant experts’ interviews. These results were applied in “Gamikar” developmental process. Finally, a quantitative study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of “Gamikar" in using in schools. Data were collected from questionnaires of validators by 02 Experts, 03 teachers, and 100 students. The effectiveness of Gamikar to increase understanding of the students in the wildfire mitigation was assessed by performing tests before and after the game played. The findings showed that the assessment scores experts for Gamikar were 88.8 % and 95.6%, respectively. The result indicates the game is ready for use with minor revisions. The results obtained from the questionnaires of teachers and students showed mean values of 98.65% and 97%, respectively. This shows that Gamikar is favoured by both teachers and students. The score for SDN Sui. Ringin low category, the score for SDN 14 medium category, score for Sei Ringin SDN and JKSDS high category. From the data obtained, it can be concluded that Gamikar has good validity to be applied to fire disaster education. It also effective to enhance awareness, understanding and preventing of wildfire disasters for elementary students.

Volume 12 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 176-185

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP7/20202096