Issues of Accounting for Organizational and Economic Mechanisms in Greenhouse Activities

Akmal Durmanov, Sarsengaliy Bayjanov, Shakhida Khodjimukhamedova, Timur Nurimbetov, Alibek Eshev and Nodira Shanasirova

The article considers a specific area of the greenhouse vegetable production – an important area of greenhouse farming significantly affecting the availability of plant products and canned vegetables during a calendar year. At the same time, the dynamics and rates of greenhouse vegetable production, as well as the level of provision of the Russian population with greenhouse vegetable products, and the processing industry with raw materials are characterized by the development and deployment of a large number of vegetable greenhouses in the country. The yield of the vegetable greenhouses depends entirely on the labor availability, as well as on the availability of transport routes for transporting products and sales markets. Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables is characterized by certain important features that are inherent only in this branch of agriculture. The region and its natural and climatic conditions are also of decisive importance for the location of the greenhouse. Another feature of the greenhouse cultivation of vegetables is that regardless of the location, two production options are practiced – on open and on protected ground (production of vegetables in greenhouses). However, they are very technologically different. The main purpose of the article is to determine ways to increase the economic efficiency of greenhouse production of vegetables. To this end, the article sets the following tasks: to theoretically justify production efficiency – to analyze the current economic status of the farm – to give recommendations for improving the production of vegetable crops.

Volume 12 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 114-126

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP7/20202089