Evolution Processes in the Higher Education System of the Russian Federation

Sergey L. Nikonovich, Aleksandr V. Bocharov, Artur Ya. Avdalyan, Vladimir A. Abramov, Sergey S. Lomakin and Andrey S. Klimov

The article researches the period of reforming higher education in Russian (from 25 December 1991 till now) and analyzes the Russian legislation in the field of education. The authors distinguish stages of the Russian higher education reforming and identify the problems facing the teaching staff during higher education reforming. Reforms of higher professional education are aimed at integration into the common European education space and imply overcoming the differences in educational systems. This is hardly feasible, as in the West European countries there is no unified approach to training personnel of the highest qualification, including jurists. Also, the authors emphasize the issue of elaborating sets of competencies for various professions and fields of activity to be adopted by the RF government decrees and implemented in practice.

Volume 12 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 59-67

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP7/20202083