Scalability Evaluation of VoIP and FTP performances on Next Generation Network

*Faycal Bensalah, Ayoub Bahnasse, Mustapha El Hamzaoui

The telecommunications industry is currently moving towards the trade of Internet services. However, with the extension in terms of enterprises sites, the quality of transported traffic can be influenced. Given that the nature of deployed application vary periodically and become more and more demanding in terms of delays, the scalability need can lead to a dysfunction of the latter. In this paper, we will measure and evaluate the impact of multiples sites on the network performances. This study was done under the Riverbed Modeler simulator. The traffics used for the simulations are File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Voice over IP (VoIP). The evaluation criteria are on the jitter, the latency, and the loss rate. Concerning FTP traffic, chosen criterion is the loading delay of a file.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1499-1503