Growth of Small Scale Industry and its Impact on Rural Economy in Salem District

Dr.M. Suryakumar and R. Venkatesh

Small scale industry acts as a protagonist in every way whether it’s established, evolving or not yet established. But it manages to position itself in a prominent and dominating way even in the yet to be established and evolving countries in the world. It provides ample scope for achieving the advantage of modern technology and at the same time preserving the merits of traditional technology in a judicious manner. Indeed, it is difficult to visualize how a modern economy could function without SME’s because they are one of the backbone of the Indian industries. In India the small-scale industry occupies a significant position and almost all the five years plans have been emphasized its significance in terms of employment, output and export. Therefore, any research or study conducted in this field is of much importance.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 648-653