Data Security in Cloud Environment Using Efficient Security Block based Encryption Algorithm

Saidhbi Sheik and Thirupathi Rao Komati

In cloud computing, the security is given in two levels such as, user level and provider level. The service provider gives a full security layer for both customer and user and it make sure that the server is well secured against the external threats. Hence, the user is responsible for avoiding the data loss, stealing. Cryptography is a very important mechanism and plays a vital role in cloud security. There are different cryptographic techniques are used to protect the integrity of the data. A specific security method is used to encrypt the data and make it into an unreadable form. The use of cryptography in cloud is very important for the maintenance of security. We proposed one model of security is Adaptive Block Based Data Encryption each block of data is encrypted using a random number, i.e use only one random number at beginning of encryption and that can used recursively to all the data blocks using one-way hash function. This random number must be shared securely between the participants before the encryption by a one pass method.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 641-647