A Review on Data Privacy Using Machine Learning Algorithms Over Block Chain Methods

K. Sivasankari and Dr.S. Prabakaran

In current improvements, framework finding a workable pace block chain have happened to the most slanting and troublesome innovation. Block chain era has the ability to mechanize cost in cryptography and to offer a mutual data of records, exchanges, and logs in a decentralized, secure, and confided in way. Likewise with keen agreements, block chain can oversee connections among individuals without a delegate or a relied on third party. In this paper, we present a top to bottom review on machine contemplating calculations over block chain programs. We assessment the literature, tabulate, and outline the developing block chain projects and stages. We additionally pick out the merits and demerits of literature which include research demanding situations of making use of machine getting to know for block chain technology.

Volume 12 | Issue 7

Pages: 530-542

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I7/20202036