Decentralized 3D Collision Avoidance System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Fakroul Ridzuan Hashim, Lim Zhi Han, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Mohammad Haniff Harun, Ho Gui Yan and Zairi Ismael Rizman

In the unmanned aerial vehicle field, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been developed and improved for decades where various design and new innovations are developed. Autonomous UAV is operated with little to no human intervention where they conduct missions automatically and returns to a pre-programmed location by using integrated program. Autonomous UAV applications and development are still not widely applied and studied even though Malaysia have abundance of unfilled airspace. Furthermore, autonomous UAVs experiences various environmental challenges and flight difficulties to perform aerial monitoring and searching where needed to make the mission completion easier especially in critical situations. This project focuses on the design and development of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with decentralized 3D collision avoidance system. Rangefinders selected for the 3D collision avoidance system are ultrasonic rangefinder, infrared rangefinder and laser rangefinder. Moreover, 4 experiments are conducted to determine the overall performance of the UAV in terms of obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

Volume 12 | Issue 7

Pages: 446-460

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I7/20202025