A Study on Moving Object Recognition for Video Surveillance Applications

G. Balamurugan and Dr.J. Jayabharathy

Video Surveillance plays a vital role in the field of Image Mining for ensuring safety and security. The main aim of an intelligent video surveillance system is to automatically produce high-level information about object recognition. Object recognition is applied in various fields such as Surveillance, Image Annotation, and Image Retrieval. Extended set of research works are focused on automatic video surveillance for event detection, accident detection, vehicle counting etc. The ultimate aim of an intelligent surveillance system is to automatically track and identify the moving objects and its motion in the video sequences. To achieve this automatic surveillance process various algorithms and techniques are proposed. In this paper, the steps involved in object recognition process like detection, classification and tracking an object are discussed in detail with their methods and challenges. It also presents a recent literature review on various techniques in object recognition.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 157-167