Novel NDN based Routing Protocol for IoT Empowered Savvy City Applications

Bharati Patil and D. Vydeki

These days there is significant progress in deployment of brilliant urban areas dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies across the developing countries. In smart city applications, IoT introduced to manage the different municipal assets and infrastructures over the wireless communications. By considering the smart city applications, large number of IoT devices installed for the different purposes. Most of the IoT devices are having the limited battery and processing capabilities. Thus it needs the superior communication protocol that improves the efficiency and scalability of IoT enabled networks. It is observed that Data Driven Systems administration (ICN) is more fitting than Internet Protocol (IP) for IoT enabled communications. For designing the efficient and scalable smart city wireless networks, Named data Networking (NDN) is solid technology which is based on the features like stateful sending and in-organize reserving with security benefits. However, still to the date, there is no holistic framework NDN of Things presented. In this paper, we proposed novel NDN based Routing protocol called NDNRT which is based name prefixes for the route establishment and communications. NDNRT proposed to achieve the scalability over the IP based routing protocols. In IP based routing protocols the courses set up utilizing the hubs IDs, but in NDNRT the nodes names used. To claim the efficiency of NDNRT over the IP based communications, the simulation results presented in this paper in terms of normal throughput, parcel conveyance proportion, number of lost bundles, and normal delay.

Volume 12 | Issue 7

Pages: 235-243

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I7/20202005