Hierarchical Classifier for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Dr.M. Kavitha and R. Jai Ganesh

Breast cancer is the main illness to cause passing particularly in ladies. In this paper, a system has been proposed for the breast cancer utilizes managed figuring out how to group cancerous cell and non cancerous cell. In highlight choice, we infer premise set in the bit space and after that we expand the edge based component determination calculation. We attempt to investigate a few distinctive element choice and extraction procedures and consolidate the ideal element subsets with different learning order techniques, for example, k-closest neighbors, probabilistic neural system and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifiers. Comparision of various classifiers has been finished. The best grouping execution for breast cancer conclusion is accomplished equivalent to 99.17% among sweep and reduced highlights utilizing SVM classifier. And furthermore infer the highlights of a breast picture in the WBCD dataset.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 607-611