Energy Efficient Smart Power Strip

G. Arun Joshi, K. Vibha, D. Shriram and S. Chandrukash

This project involves an electronic power strip which contains circuitry to sense or measure the current flowing through the appliance/device to switch off the relay whenever the appliance/device goes into standby mode, and also an energy monitoring circuitry which enabling the user to have the knowledge of power consumed by various household appliances with the android application and also it intimates the user whenever it is switched on/off. The internet of things enables the user to have those power values transmitted by a wireless network and the power strip can keep the user with the knowledge of state of various appliances and they can switch off their appliances via wireless network. The power strip enables the user to keep knowledge of various appliances and also standby power wastage can be reduced.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 574-580