Real Time Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Dahlin’s Controller for Spherical Tank System Using PLC

Dr.M. Balaji and T. Gowtham

This paper focuses on the development and real-time implementation of the proposed Dahlin’s controller using GE Fanuc Programmable logic controller (PLC) for spherical tank level system. The control of liquid level in spherical tank is complex in nature due to variation in the area of the transverse section of the tank. The spherical tank system is modeled using the open loop testing method. A VFPID controller is realized in PLC and tested on the spherical tank system. The proposed Dahlin’s controller is developed in PLC and the real-time implementation results are compared with VFPID controller and the PID controllers reported in literature. The robustness of the controllers is validated in time domain specifications. The VFPID controller eliminates peak overshoot in process variable and Dahlin’s controller reduces the ringing effect presents in controller output to safeguard the pneumatic positioned control valve.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 557-564