Simulation of Power System Stability Evaluation of PV Technology with Fuzzy Synchronous Power Controllers under Expanding Penetration

M. Ramasekhara Reddy and B. Lavanya

With the expansion in the infiltration of photograph voltaic (PV) technology in the power framework it is most critical to break down the impact and issues of PV innovation on the interconnected energy framework. As the yield of PV isn't steady its impact on the power framework security should be considered, as a result of changes in irradiance and temperature. In this examination the effect of huge scale PV control plants on transmission lattice for individual infiltration levels. The examination survey the effect of Sun located electricity on the interconnected power system with a high penetration of PV penetration by means of manipulate of dynamic power equalization and recurrence strength. By utilizing Fuzzy rule based controllers alongside synchronous power controller lessen harmonics and furthermore unfaltering state errors with the end goal to expand recurrence deviations and enhances control swaying damping and diminish weight on other creating frameworks. The aftereffects of the examination is done for the test framework utilizing power framework investigation tool stash on tangle lab stage. The outcomes show the restriction of PV plant life molded via in every way that definitely matters synchronous energy converters to confine repeat trips commenced through extensive electricity choppy characters, and to direct electricity moves of the synchronous machines inside the framework.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 509-523