3D Glass Melt Construction Method


It is suggested to use a compact glass melting furnace as a printing head, which, when moving in threedimensional space, molds the walls of the buildings with liquid glass (molten silica sand with additives) in exact accordance with a given project. Liquid glass has a high viscosity, quick hardness, well “setting” and is easy to mold. It is possible to make walls of different densities from foam glass to granite. The proposed method aims at molding industrial and residential buildings with qualitatively new consumer properties in terms of environmental cleanliness, low heat conductivity, breathability, strength, resistance to fungi, and chemical compounds. This work describes the optimal structure of the poured walls, which can withstand climatic temperature changes. Besides houses, the method will allow building warehouses for long-term storage of products with the highest level of thermal insulation: walls with vacuum insulation and the warehouse itself with high vacuum insulation. The novelty of the method is confirmed by patents obtained in Russia and China.

Volume 12 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 838-845

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP6/SP20201101