Unmanned Risk and Hazard Management System Using IOT

Arivukkarasan Raja and Dr. Pavithra Senthilkumar

Indoor and outdoor contaminants in both residential and industrial properties can be a significant environmental health problem. Various health issues have been linked with occupant exposure to numerous toxic and hazardous substances. Some of the identified potential hazards in industrial and residential environment include but not limited to air quality, air temperature, humidity, noise levels, vibration, radiation, fire, electric short circuit, water leakage etc., The management of these potential hazards are very important in both industrial and residential environments to assure quality health care at reduced insurance cost, improving the morale of the employees, increased productivity and job satisfaction with fewer injuries. The proposed risk and hazard management system includes multiple sensors, which are programmed to receive data like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Temperature, Humidity, Butane, LPG and Ammonia levels in real-time. The end users visualize or measure the collected data through an internet of things (IoT) Open source platform. The system further includes a processor such as Raspberry Pi in which the services for visualizations are loaded. It also includes a MySQL database in which historical data for risk analysis are stored. The remedial or control actions are carried out based on the analyzed data using artificial intelligence. The remedial or control actions include, if the concentration of Sulphur dioxide exceeds 80 mg /m3, door, windows will be closed through a stepper motor interface, and the exhaust fan will be switched on. If the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds 4 mg/m3, ammonia exceeds 400 mg/m3, there is a substantial amount of gas leakage (butane & propane), the gas connection will be turned off through a smart solenoid valve, door and Windows will be opened through a stepper motor interface and the exhaust fan will be switched on.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 449-457