Effect Of The Virus Of The Yellow Dwarf Corn Mosaic Growth And Development Of Varieties Of Corn In Various Phases

Z.Sh.Sobirova, V.B.Fayziev, Kh.I.Abduraimova

This article discusses the effect of the Maize yellow dwarf mosaic virus on the growth and development of maize varieties grown in the fields of Uzbekistan. The article explores the characteristic features of a virus that affects maize varieties at different phases. The characteristic features of this corn disease are highlighted and described. The article analyzes the results of diseases, reduced growth and development of corn. According to the author, in connection with the development of agricultural sectors, a lot of different varieties of corn are grown, but resistance to the dwarf mosaic virus has been little studied and requires further research. In this connection, different varieties were studied for resistance to the yellow dwarf mosaic virus of maize. For research on a specific field planted different varieties of corn. To establish the resistance of the varieties to the yellow dwarf mosaic virus, artificial infection methods were used. At each stage, the number and degrees of plant infection were studied. The results obtained for varieties in different phases are fixed and this is shown in the table. This scientific research work shows that, in addition to other diseases of maize, the disease caused by viruses is most dangerous because it spreads quickly, not all varieties are resistant to this disease and plant damage can occur in any phase with an outbreak. As a result of this research work, more resistant varieties and varieties that are not very resistant to diseases caused by the yellow dwarf mosaic virus of corn have been identified.

Volume 12 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 602-606

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP6/SP20201069