Energy Optimization Algorithm for Future Wireless Communications

Dr. Aparna Atul Junnarkar

For future wireless communications, radio resource management main research problem. The current solutions are based on single tier thus not supporting to such multi-tier based future wireless networks. The resource management methods mainly focused on QoS optimization, however energy optimization of wireless devices has not been considered. This energy efficiency problem can neither be considered during equipment designing, not in network management and planning. Nowadays with increased user demands at an exponential pace and margins are rapidly shrinking, this concerning the issues of energy efficiency. The use of energy efficiency hardware also failing to address the problem of energy efficiency as 5G wireless networks are flexible with time. Hence, it is required to have energy efficient resource management method which is capable of controlling the network devices in use and not in use in order to save the power. This paper proposed novel energy efficient method for multi-tier future communication networks by using a fuzzy logic algorithm to check network architecture status and monitor energy saving steps on wireless devices. The existing methods such as TPC (Target-SIR-tracking Power Control) and TPCGR (TPC with gradual removal) are the base for proposed TPC-FG (TPC with Fuzzy Logic and Gradual Removal). The experiment results show that TPC-FG improves the energy efficiency compared to TPC and TPC-GR models.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 419-427