Facial Features Detection, Pose Estimation with Gender Classification Using Novel Methods

N. Jayakumari and Dr.K. Selvam

This article is about facial landmark localization with pretense inference, face detection and femininity classification techniques in vogue and their progress. Automatic facial point detection and gender classification are the most important procedures, act as conciliator pace meant for several succeeding appearance meting out operation which are ranging starting biometric credit for sympathetic of cerebral state (expression). Recognizable attribute of point lying on a features be recognized as facial landmark e.g., Eye angle, mouth spot and so on. This paper illustrates about an illumination insensitive feature space using Haar feature extraction. Bayesian approach examines the Landmark localization and Pose estimation. The gender of given image classifies by using AdaBoost classifier. Features of Speeded up Robust Feature (SURF) and Scale Invariant Feature Transformation (SIFT) be extracted for identifying the gender.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 129-135