A Study on Security Issues in the Area of Cloud Computing

R. Mangalagowri and Dr. Revathi Venkataraman

Cloud computing makes use of large collection of virtualized computing resources. With the help of Virtualization, Cloud Computing consents the jobs to be arrayed and mounted quickly in course of the brisk provisioning of VMs or physical machines. Cloud data storage (Storage as a Service) is a vital service of cloud computing. Cloud Computing enables the users to store their software, business logic and backend towards huge data hubs, wherever the administration of the files and facilities may not be totally reliable. Conventional cryptographic algorithms can’t be used directly to provide data security because, the consumers may not know the data location stored in the cloud. Accuracy of the data stored in the cloud must be ensured. Taking into account that different types of data will be stored by different type of user in the cloud. Providing durable assertion of ensuring the accuracy of the data storage is becoming even more challenging. A study about various types of security issues, which cause a hazard in the cloud environment, is described in this paper with some security solutions.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 323-331