Analytical Approach for Air Pollution Emitted from Line Source with Mesoscle Wind and Chemical Reaction

C. Bhaskar, K. Lakshminarayanachari and C. Pandurangappa

Exposure to pollutants coming from industries and vehicular traffic concerns a huge part of urban population in indoor and outdoor environments leading to the long and short-term health issues. A comprehensive analytical model for the distribution of air pollutants with mesoscale type wind and chemical reaction is developed. This analytical model explains about diffusion of primary pollutants transmitted from line source in the city region in the existence of mesoscale wind and large scale wind. The large scale wind is constant and eddy diffusivity is treated as function of vertical height z. In this paper, we used variable separable method, orthogonality condition of Bessel function and the special functions method. Mesoscale wind and chemical reaction scalate the diffusion of pollutants in the environment in the urban area towards right side of centre of heat Island. The magnitude of air pollutants in stable atmospheric condition is maximum verses neutral atmospheric condition. This work reveals that pollutant concentration is less in the presence of chemical reaction in an urban area.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 317-322