Matlab/Simulink Simulations based Modified Sepic DC to DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications

G. Sureshkumaar, Nithiyananthan Kannan, Sunil Thomas and S. Prabhakar Karthikeyan

This paper studies on analysis, design and simulation study of modified SEPIC for renewable energy and application. The main problem with conventional SEPICis that it has less voltage gain and little voltage ripples. In order to overcome these problems a high gain SEPIC is developed for renewable energy system. The performance of the designed system is tested at various operating conditions.This proposed system is advanced method of the SEPIC dc-to-dc converter.This system includes additional features like string current diverter which is used to get the output in a high amount. The proposed converter will provide high voltage/current gain close to twice of the classical SEPIC converter. It can achieve low input current ripple and reduced switching voltage. Switch voltage is close to the half of the value obtained with classical boost converter in the operation with high values of duty cycle.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 285-295