Task based Load Assignment Technique for Creating Even Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing

Umesh Dwivedi and Dr. Harsh Dev

As the cloud computing trend is increasing day by day, we are getting the solution of many traditional problems. On the other side we are facing some new problems generate by these cloud. As we know that any task assigned to cloud is being processed by any remote computing node. This remote computing node can be in accessible or can crash without any intimation. It may also may not give proper results due to any reason or fault. If such type of faulty node is overloaded then all tasks assigned to the node will also suffer. Solution to this problem is that all nodes should schedule in such a manner, so that all nodes remains in their proper load state. Communication delay also reduces while working with proper loaded nodes. In our paper we tried to solve this problem by proposing a scheduling algorithm. We analyzed our algorithm with some practical data and proved that this algorithm is much better and less time and resource consuming.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 212-223