Congestion Control Using Fuzzy based Adaptive TCP Window Adjustment

A. Ramesh Babu and P.S. Sujith Kumar

The TCP packet sending rate can be reduced by suitably adjusting the TCP congestion window (CWND) limit based on some parameters. But fixing the maximum limit for the congestion window (CWNDmax) is better way to avoid increasing the sending rate before a packet loss event occurs. The challenge is to evaluate the parameters that affect its accurate selection over MANET and its traffic. As the bandwidth and delay product has severe impact on the congestion, the congestion windows has to be adjusted based on this product. In this paper, a congestion control using Fuzzy based adaptive TCP window adjustment technique is proposed. In this technique, the bottleneck bandwidth and total round-trip delay metrics are considered as input for the fuzzy logic decision model. The corresponding congestion window adjustment size is returned as the output. Simulation results using NS2 suggests that the proposed congestion control technique reduces the packet drop and delay and increases the throughput.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 111-120