Mobile Brands and Kano’s Model: An Innovative Approach

Dr. Satish Kumar, Yashvi Mundhra, Aditya Shaw and Prof. Namrata Nanda

Purpose: To focus on how the five qualities proposed by Kanos, can be applied on the various attributes and features of smartphone brands – Apple and Samsung, in order to know how much are the customers satisfied with the existing technology and products provided to them and which company was able to satisfy their customers better. Design/ Methodology/ Approach: Primary data was collected using google forms and was circulated through social media amongst all age groups. The sample size was 172 and their responses were recorded using Microsoft Excel and the analysis was done using RIDIT methodology. Findings: The outcome revealed that the customers of Apple and Samsung were equally satisfied with the products offered to them, but Apple had an upper hand by a meagre difference. Practical Implications: Consumers being the major assets for any company, satisfying them becomes a need when an organisation wants to be a market leader. This paper focuses on measuring customer satisfaction level, which the companies are thriving to achieve. Originality/ Value: Generally customers are satisfied with the ease of availability of applications, but here the customers responses stated that be it Samsung where the users have the freedom of applications download with no restrictions were unhappy with this feature as compared to Apple users where some applications are not available at their disposal.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 135-143