Development of Class E2 Power Converter Using Power Amplifier

S. Muthukumar, M.C. John Wiselin and K. Suresh Kumar

In this paper a class E2 power converter is designed using class E power amplifier. The concept of combining the use of GaN HEMT devices, both for the inverter and the synchronous rectifier, with multi-harmonic matching networks has been utilized. The power amplifier is an inverter and the process of amplifier converts the DC to AC signal, the inverter designed by using the transistor of RF3931 and achieves the steps for testing the transistors range verified and the HSMS2862 rectifier used for high switching frequency and converts AC to DC signal and for high output voltage compare to inverter the rectifier achieves high output voltage to develop for very high frequency applications and the matching circuits developed to matches the inverter and rectifier. The resultant measurement of power converter achieves 60dBm output voltage.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 123-127