Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based Routing and Wavelength Allocation (RWA) Algorithm for Protection Switching in WDM Networks

T. Ravi Prakash Rao and V. Malleswara Rao

In WDM networks, the existing technique on wavelength allocation (WRA) consumes more time and complexity will be high. In order to overcome these issues, in this paper, we propose to design a ACO based RWA algorithm for WDM networks. In this technique, route is established among source and destination using the ACO technique based on the number of hops, free wavelengths, blocking probability of wavelengths used at a link and Path Load. Request for reserving the selected wavelength along the backup route is sent by the source node, the interrupted transmission is resumed once the restoration connection is set up. If the selected wavelength is occupied by another reservation request arrived earlier, the restoration request is blocked. By simulation results, we show that the proposed technique minimizes the time and complexity.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 90-101