Buffer Node Selection and Buffer Management Protocol for Multicast Streaming In MANET

Kavitha Subramaniam and Latha Tamilselvan

Buffer management techniques are essential while handling multicast streaming in MANET since real-time data will involve playback delay and jitter. In this paper, buffer node selection and buffer management protocol is developed for streaming data in multicast groups. Along the multicast tree from the source to the receivers, the intermediate nodes having enough residual energy, link quality and time to stay are selected as buffer nodes. The frequently requested video data is buffered the selected buffer nodes. When packets are received, they are classified as real-time or non-real-time and placed into respective queues. Cumulative weight of the packets in the real-time buffer is then estimated based on number of hops, energy level and waiting time. Based on the estimated weight value, transmission priorities are assigned. The buffer space is dynamically adjusted depending on the number of intermediate nodes along the multicast tree from the source to the receivers. Simulation results show that the proposed buffer management protocol reduces the latency and energy consumption while increasing the packet delivery ratio.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 78-89