Geo Tracking of Waste with Triggering Alerts and Mapping Area with High Indexed Waste

A. Mohana Priya, V. Nandhini, S. Pavithira Dharshini, N. Vidhya and R.H. Aswathy

In the recent decades, there is a tremendous increase of urbanisation. The waste production also gets increased at the same phase. So we consider waste management as a crucial issue. In this project we design and build a prototype of smart bin for managing waste in efficient way. Smart bin is built on a Arduino Uno board which is microcontroller based platform and it is interfaced with the GSM modem, inductive sensor, PIR sensor, capacitive sensor and Ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensor is placed at the upper part of the dustbin which will measure the stature of the dustbin. The threshold stature is set as 10cm.PIR sensor is placed at the upper part of the dustbin which is used to automatic opening and close of the dustbin. Capacitive sensor is used to detect the plastics, glass and disposal objects. Inductive sensors are used to detect metallic objects. Capacitive sensor and inductive sensor are used for segregation of the garbage. ArduinoUno will be programmed in such a way that when the dustbin reaches the threshold level, the amount of garbage filled is displayed by the led indication. Once the garbage reaches the threshold level and it is detected by the ultrasonic sensor, the waste has been segregated and it will trigger the GSM modem, so the required authority will get alert message continuously until the garbage in the dustbin is removed. Once the dustbin is squashed, the process gets continued automatically. At regular intervals dustbin will be squashed and it maps the high indexed waste. Once these smart bins are implemented on a large scale, by replacing our traditional bins present today, can be managed efficiently as it avoids unnecessary lumping of wastes on roadside and facile way to hygienic community.

Volume 12 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1026-1033

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP5/20201852