Emotional Value of Money Being E-Wallet with Evidence from Mysuru City, Karnataka

M.B. Harshitha and Dr. Ramapilla Mahesh

As a limited number of studies on cashless transactions stated the effect of digital money or mobile payment which influence the consumers behaviour towards the purchasing of goods through mobile payment by using their credit or debit card facilities, by this cashless transactions consumers are losing the emotional value on the money as they are not paying the hard cash from their JAhands, they are not going to think about the price of the product before they purchase it from mobile payment. The reasons for this may be the credit element or due to the invisibility of cash or mobile element of transaction is not known. There is the notion that the tangibility of cash leads to emotional attachment on money they will be aware on their spending, this mobile payment will directly or indirectly affects the emotional value and attachment on money and also the spending behaviour of the people.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 60-66