Dependability & Quality of Supply Chain Performance

S. Jacob Pratabaraj, S. Annie Christal Melinda and Baby Sam Saamuel

The intention of this research work is to scrutinize the supply chain (SC) performance of the textile industry in Tirupur.The dissolution of the economy provided the critically-needed force to the textile industry in India, which has now become successful and one of the important industries in the world. While the significance of supply chain performance is generally recognized, academic researchers must have more persistent approach in the evaluation of the performance issues as a part of external and internal SC. In this research, the researcher has emphasized the measurement of SC performance in the textilefirm. Being a textile center and principal zone of textile production in South India, Tirupurwas selected as the focal point of the study. In order to analyse the SC performance, the researcher has identifiedtwo factors being; Quality and Dependability that excluded financial measures (cost). The respondents were managers, suppliers, and operators of different areas of the textile SC, which forms a huge and compact chain. The researcher has furnished and interpreted the gathered data which was supported by reliability and validity measures. This research helps the textile firm; aids in SC performance measures, and moreover, the factors may be leading indices of performance measurement, thus can help supply chain members to improve overall performance.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 41-51