Assessment of Financial Security of Investment Funds

Aktam U. Burkhanov

Due to the fact that the legal entities are suffering from the devastation of the country's GDP, the financial security of ularing is one of the most important factors for the development of the country. In addition, the state budget and local budgets of small business entities are considered to be significant contributors to the revenue generation. For this reason, economic legal entities are one of the most important tasks in assessing the financial risks and ensuring the economic security of the state. In global operations, there is no single approach to financial security of legal entities, and its value is not listed in a single register. When assessing the financial risks of business entities, the characteristics of Uaring are taken into consideration and the different indicators in different countries differ. This, in turn, raises concerns about the financial risks of businesses. The article summarizes financial risk assessments of the Republic of Uzbekistan when it comes to the privatization of investment funds. Thus, based on these indicators, the analysis of the level of financial security of the investment fund operating in Uzbekistan, and the development of scientific proposals and practical recommendations aimed at ensuring financial security.

Volume 12 | Issue 5

Pages: 293-300

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I5/20201717