Energy-efficient Multiple SINKS for Multi HOP Wireless Sensor Network

V. Rajanesh

Owing to the scheduling of node activity and idle listening, a wide range of challenges with energy consumption are tackled by MAC protocols. To overcome these types of issues, media access is used. A combined energy-efficient medium access control (MAC) and routing protocol is presented in this project for large-scale WSNs and it decreases the energy conservation and increases the lifetime of a network. When the SINK is distant away from the CHs, the usage of energy may increase. So, it’s better to make the sharing of multiple SINKs can be done in the network without considering a common SINK for overall network. Because of the long distance between SINK and CH, the energy conservation will be reduced. To evaluate the proposed protocol, the performance measures are utilized such as lifetime of a network, delay, and energy conservation. When compared to the system which utilizes MAC scheme alone, the indicated results are showed that the combining routing and MAC schemes consume more energy.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 272-282

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201030