Survey of QoS Routing Applying Soft Computing Techniques in MANET

C.Venkata Subbaiah*, Dr. K. Govinda

In Tele-communication networks, the must constraints are related to speed, range of frequency, energy utilization, regularity etc. Due to different behavior and frequent mobility, QoS channeling algorithms of infrastructure networks doesn’t applied directly for MANETs. The hard evaluating technique substituted by the soft evaluating technique for optimization. By applying SCT, the closest of solution increases and time involved in searching process reduces. The paper presents an analysis of QoS channeling algorithms in MANET by SCT. This survey paper reviews on four types of SCT for QoS routing: ANN, Genetic Algorithms, FL and ACO. The survey provides report on each QoS channeling protocol by considering each category of SCT. By comparing, it was presented which highlights the facts and downsides of every approach.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1480-1486