An Efficacious Method for Preventing Attacks And Intrusions On Targeted Network Path Using A Heuristic Approach

B.Aravind*, Dr.D Murugan

Network security is a big problem where people around the globe each other are connected through a network. Data transmitted in a network medium is vulnerable to various kinds of attacks like spoofing, hijacking, and sniffer attacks. IP spoofing in MAC and ARP causes severe damage to the network system. Once gaining valid IP address by spoofing the attacker can modify, reroute or delete our confidential data. Stolen passwords lead to big havoc for users involved in the network. In this paper, we present a novel approach that not only overcomes many security issues in the network but also monitors the data packets, which are vulnerable and attacked in the targeted network path. The proposed technique restricts the IP address from which users can access to only the IP address defined in login IP ranges. This technique enables protecting the entire network session by preventing the browser from executing malicious files as dynamic content. A different session key is used for each session, which prevents threats intruding the network. Identifying and blacklisting is done for the entire network session until its active. On applying our methodology we monitor data packets, analyse threats and we protect the entire network from attackers. Doing all these actions together makes our work a more efficient all in one package for safe data transmission in network medium.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1468-1479