The Implementation of Calendar Academic Monitoring System in University Using Raspberry Pi

*Sigit Kurniawan,Tanto Tanto,B.Herawan Hayadi, Ririt Dwi Putri Permatasari, Sabtu

Status report of university academic calendar implementation can be used as one of many parameters due to Quality Assurance (QA) in Higher Education. To reach QA we developed monitoring system for University academic calendar implementation by using pocket computer Raspberry Pi. As a result, the monitoring system shows implementation status for every agenda of each unit in Higher Educational Institution, such as the list of activities in current week along with implementation status (“Scheduled”, “On-Process”, “Implemented”, “Canceled” and “Failed”). The system works by mean of comparing the scheduled data that has been submitted and verified from the reported agenda of each unit.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 497-500