Usage of IoT and CoT based Environment for Telemedicine in Health Care

Ghaith Ali Hussein Alawadi ,Hussein Najm Abd Ali ,Baraa I.Farhan

The records management for the health sector is one of the key tasks in the medical organizations where huge data is required to be managed effectively. The tasks associated with backup and recovery of files includes the repository management with secured tools and libraries so that the organization’s private documents can be preserved and transmitted using secured mechanisms. Any enterprise must be having the secured and effective software applications with the tools and technologies so that their files and documents can be stored in integrity and privacy aware environment. There exist assorted software products under proprietary as well as open source distributions which are used by the corporate and medical organizations including hospitals which include the storage wallets with the communication options. Using communication tools in these software products, the users can send and receive the files and documents for specific purposes. These software products acts as an enterprise based private cloud that is having all the data, files and documents meant specific to the organization.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1446-1453