Stair Plus Rectangular Patch CPW Feeding Antenna with UltraWide Band

M. Vinod Kumar, P. Srivalli, K. Shekar Babu B. Venkatesh,M. Prakash Babu

This Paper inspects designing of the microstrip patch antenna by coplanar waveguide technique (CPW) with the Line feeding. The proposed antenna can be formulate on the flexible substrate i.e., FR4 epoxy material with the dielectric constant 4.4. The return loss for the proposed antenna without ground is -61.59dB and with ground is -55dB. Vswr for all the designs is more or less equal to 1.005. It was examined that the Gain for the designed antenna is 3.28dB with defective ground structure (DGS). It was endowed that the advised antenna has Ultra Wide Band range i.e.,, 13.03 GHZ. The performed antenna can be operated on the WLAN and wireless applications

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1409-1420