Socioeconomic study on households solid waste management of different categories and classes a case study: Durg City

Shivanand Kamde , Dr P. K. Ghosh , Dr M. K. Gupta

Various activates involved in households solid waste management system is highly influenced by many socieo economic factors. Community attitude, households behavior and willingness towards households solid waste management in Durg city has been studied in this paper. Solid waste management in this city suffers set back due to conventional waste collection and disposal habit of disadvantages group as well as unreserved class has been highlighted in this study. Though the literacy rate of this city is 77.62% but its effect could not seen in the maneuver of solid waste management system. An attempt has been made to identify the lacuna in MSW management system & try to minimize those. This study emphasized an implementation of stiff law, rules & regulation of MSWM (2000).Improvement of education, launching of various awareness program & continuous monitoring over their activities otherwise the MSW management system will remain in infancy stage.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1382-1391