Seismic Analysis of Multistorey SMRF Building in Zone III and Zone V

Mr.Nitesh B.Thikare , Ms.Payal K.Jayswal ,Mohammad Parvej Alam ,Abhishek Kumar Singh , Nikhil Bajpayee

This study is carried out to investigate the seismic behaviour of SMRF (Special Moment Resisting Frames) building using software i.e .STADD PRO. The poor performance of Ordinary Moment Resisting Frame (OMRF) in past earthquakes suggested that, the special design and detailing to require arresting a ductile behaviour seismic zone of high earthquake (zone III, IV & V). STAAD Pro software and using the codes for analysis IS 1893 (PART 1):2002, IS 456: 2000, IS 13920. The building is analyzed for seismic zone no III and V. The parameters computed and compared are displacement, axial force, shear force, moment etc. Comparison is made for the behavior of building frame considering response reduction factor under earthquake forces. The G+6 building is considered for modeling. The base area is 25.2m*16m. Height of floor is 2.8m. The overall height of building is 16.8m. For adequate toughness and ductility to resist the severe earthquake shocks without collapse, Beams, columns, and beam-column joints are proportioned and detailed as per I.S. code 13920. Thus it has been studied and observed that SMRF structures behave well in earthquake than OMRF structures.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1364-1372