Reduction of Turbo Codes Error Floor Using Structured Interleavers

Ch. Ravi Kumar, K. PadmaRaju

A methodology for turbo codes error floors lowering that structured Interleavers are used, is given throughout the paper.Iinterleaver Structured is the concept to useinterleaver associate therein follows specific property of interleaving the data bits. throughout the method bunch of bits as parity, are introduced to dummy stuffed zero bits in the positions of structured interleaver that is reflected in the output of RSC 1 encoder committal to writing, the bitsare output of the receiver, we've go an inclination to use these acknowledged bit zero in p1 parities to chopfloorsoferror (BER) back tointerleaver. The methodeffectiveness shown by this structure is ability to considerable format enjoying spectral distance degreed thereby floors error lowers by magnitude of many orders ; as academic degree example, employing a1/3 rate- state 4 single turbo code binary with a size of 1504 packet binary information, the BER of the packet moderate S/N (SNR) 4dB improved worth of one by relating to magnitude of third order from 10−4 to 10−7

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1334-1340