An Innovation-Driven Model for Management Personnel Development at Enterprises

Nataliia Holovach, Ivan Bakhov and Liubov Zgalat-Lоzynska

The paper discusses theoretical and methodological approaches to shaping the structure of and conditions for implementation of an innovation-driven model for management personnel development at enterprises. It analyzes the specifics of foreign experience in personnel management development. It establishes that the main tool for personnel development lies in education, while the main conditions for personnel development consist in organizing and ensuring the process of education and purposeful training, which is secured through learning, upbringing, practice, socialization, and gaining experience. It shows that the prerequisite for successful personnel development resides in leaders having specified personal qualities among which professionally significant qualities play a leading role. It proves that the development of professionally significant qualities provides a basis for identifying qualities that should be developed as applied to development zones. The paper gives a detailed description of the content of components of the personal, activity and behavior-related, and professional zones of development of managers and presents techniques for their qualimetric assessment. It finds that the following conditions for development of a manager are ensured in the process of his activities at an organization: working ones, those related to self-development, diagnostics, new requirements to potential, creation of development programs and its tools, effective interaction of agents and objects of development, creation of an incentive platform, needs and self-assessment, development effectiveness assessment and control, and feedback provision. It is suggested to use a list of indicators characterizing the zones of and conditions for management personnel development of an enterprise.

Volume 11 | 12-Special Issue

Pages: 1266-1277

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP12/20193335