Design of FLC plus Proportional Controller for KY Positive Output Boost Converter

A. Srinath, Dr. Viyathukattuva, Dr.A. Amudha, Dr.M. Siva Ramkumar, Dr.G. Emayavaramban and S. Divyapriya

This paper presents the design of Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) plus Proportional Controller (PC) FLC plus PC for KY Positive Output Boost Converter (KY-POBC) for low power LED driver application. The characteristic of the KY-POBC is intricate owing to the time varying and on/off nature of it. So as to improve the load voltage regulation of the KY-POBC, a VFBSMC is developed. The fuzzy rules are framed based on the system performance. PC and PI controller parameters are computed with help of state space averaging modeling of KY-POBC. The performance of the designed model is verified by developing the model in comparison with classical proportional-integral controller. The simulated results are presented to show the proficient of the designed controller.

Volume 11 | 12-Special Issue

Pages: 1214-1226

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP12/20193328