Parametric Optimization on Wear Behavior of Aluminum MMC by Taguchi Approach

D. Sathish Kumar and P. Vignesh Kumar

The current research focuses on wear behavior of LM24 Al alloy based metal matrix composites reinforced B4C particles (3, 6, 9 wt.%). Composites were fabricated by stir casting route. The fabricated samples were then analyzed for hardness and wear properties. Addition of B4C improves the hardness of matrix material upto 110 Hv. L9 orthogonal array was adopted to plan and execute the wear experiment and to study the influence of applied load, sliding velocity on wear rate. ANOVA results revels that applied load act as most influencing parameter for wear rate with contribution of 43.3%.

Volume 11 | 12-Special Issue

Pages: 1099-1105

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP12/20193315