Experimental investigation of Diameter of overcut on pressurized electrolyte in micro-hole drilling through ECDM process

Yugesh kharche, Dr. Neeraj kumar

The ECDM is non-traditional machining process generally utilized for micro-machining of non conductive materials. The acknowledgement that the injected electrolyte solution enhances the machining accomplishment over accepted ECDM method. Potential approaching efforts to reinforce the fabric removal in ECDM area unit additionally mentioned. With such of this change these limitations of ECDM method, this paper reports development of controlled flow-ECDM (PFECDM) method. The ECDM could be a non-conventional machining technology adopted for machining of electrically nonconducting abstracts like glass, ceramics, quartz, etc. for specific constant quantity conditions. Hence, apparent enhancements within the action accomplishment area unit accomplished an correct quantity of EFR . However, phenomena concerned within the material removal mechanism in ECDM isn't utterly explored until date; scopes for else analysis has been known. A absolute analysis is conducted to accompany alternating the aftereffect of EFR on machining accomplishment. Eventually, minimum DOC of 1.11 mm is accomplished application in PF-ECDM method. during this development, within the starting , solution is injected through a hollow electrode with controlled solution breeze quantity and air into the machining space throughout ECDM.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1168-1178